Junior Journalist Larson Zekas: Favorite Sports Moments of 2019

By Larson Zekas: Trinity Christian Academy junior and 2019-2020 Junior Journalist

Some of my favorite sports moments this year consisted of a mix of NFL games I either spectated or heard of. All of them correlated with my favorite NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, winning, and my least favorite team, the New England Patriots, getting defeated. Although my hometown Jags did not have an overall good season so far, they certainly displayed some entertaining games.

The first win was one even I wasn’t expecting. Jacksonville hosted the Tennessee Titans in Week 3, and after Nick Foles’s collarbone injury expected to keep the highly-paid free agent signing out for a good number of weeks, I was expecting a loss from my team. But, alas, rookie sixth-round draft choice Gardner Minshew stepped in and led a stunner even I wasn’t expecting, 20-7. In the following game, Jacksonville traveled to Denver to face the Broncos in Mile High Stadium. Minshew, yet again clutch for his team, led Jacksonville to a thriller that came down to a field goal by Kicker Josh Lambo, 26-24.

The next two wins came against cupcake teams, a 27-17 victory at Cincinnati against the Bengals, and a 29-15 triumph hosting the New York Jets. However, Jacksonville lost the games following, making their record 4-9.

Now on to my least favorite team, the Patriots, whom I’m still salty over the rigged 2018 AFC Championship Game. The Patriots zoomed through their cupcake schedule while almost taking a defeat at Buffalo, 16-10, up until visiting -- believe it or not -- an actually skilled team in M&T Stadium, the Baltimore Ravens. New England lost fair and square 37-20 thanks to a mix of the best defense in the NFL and 2018 thirty-second overall draft steal, Lamar Jackson. Following the humiliating defeat, New England barely won their next two, just edging out a victory by barely winning at Philly against the Eagles, 17-10, and just squeezing out a W hosting the Dallas Cowboys, 13-9.

However, once New England played skilled teams again, they, of course, lost while visiting the Houston Texans, 22-18, and took another L hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, 23-16, transforming their midseason record to 10-3.

This semester has certainly provided me numbers of entertainment thanks to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ thrilling victories and the New England Patriots’ humiliating defeats.

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