Junior Journalist Larson Zekas: The Jaguars Will Win the Super Bowl

By Larson Zekas: Trinity Christian Academy junior and 2019-2020 Junior Journalist

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one rigged play from the Super Bowl (#MylesJackwasn’tdown) two season ago, and this past offseason, they signed one of Tom Brady’s daddies, QB Nick Foles, to a four-year, 88-million-dollar deal. Foles became the Super Bowl MVP in 2019 after leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a 41-33 victory and 373-yard, 4-touchdown performance against the New England Patriots after stepping in for Carson Wentz, who suffered a torn ACL in Week 14, and avenging me because of my enormous heartbreak after watching that playoff game.

The Jags released QB Blake Bortles (whom the Los Angeles Rams very questionably signed), have WR Marquise Lee returning from a preseason ACL injury suffered during the preseason last year in a practice session, and still have the dominant defense they had two years ago. Although the loss of LB Telvin Smith, who chose to step away from football for a year due to personal reasons, stings, the Jaguars still have Myles Jack, whom they appointed to take over Smith’s previous middle linebacker spot. Jacksonville also boasts DE Calais Campbell, CB Jalen Ramsey, CB A.J. Bouye, safety Barry Church, and newcomer defensive end Josh Allen, who became the Jags’ first round draft pick this year.

Brady will not be the undefined GOAT -- Joe Montana will be the GOAT -- until Brady beats Jacksonville fair and square.

My Super Bowl prediction for this year is the Jaguars beat the Rams, which would be hilarious if Bortles were starting versus the Jaguars. The Eagles very questionably released the consistent Foles and kept injury-prone Wentz, which I’m extremely grateful for.

The Jags’ poorly-played preseason games are nothing to worry about because they don’t count on their regular-season record and they’re also deciphering who will be their best second and third stringers. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck also recently retired last Saturday, paving the way for the Jaguars to clinch first place in the AFC South.

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