Junior Journalist Riley Bennett: The Jaguars Should Start Gardner Minshew

By Riley Bennett -- Trinity Christian Academy freshman and 2019-2020 Junior Journalist

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a bit of a bind. They have two good quarterbacks, but they don’t know whom to start. Nick Foles is a previous Super Bowl winner and who this year came from the Eagles. The man had a great half of his first game when he came to Jacksonville until he got hit and then broke his collar bone. He then had to get surgery. Foles has been gone for 10 weeks now and while just coming back, he is not playing like himself. Foles has passed for only 736 yards and 3 Touchdowns in only 2 games. He has also thrown 3 interceptions and has been sacked 8 times for 60 yards lost. He also averages about only 187 yards per game.

Foles’s back up, Gardner Minshew, is a rookie quarterback coming from college with great skill. Minshew has shown the ability to be a starting quarterback and shows no fear. Minshew has a total of 2,432 yards and 14 touchdowns with 10 games, but he has been sacked 20 times in those 10 games. That isn’t the best, but its better than Foles, who has been sacked 8 times in two games. Minshew also has only 5 interceptions and a 61% completed-pass rating. Minshew, to add, has 241 average yards passing per game.

Minshew, in his 10 games he has played, has shown great skill. He is showing exactly what the Jaguars wanted from college: playing more mobile and extending the play. Minshew is more jelled with the team and more likely to make something happen in times when needed. He is also less likely too get sacked, and the coach can call more than just one type of play calling.

Minshew’s 20 sacks in 10 games to Foles's 8 sacks in only 2 games has played a factor.

Furthermore, Foles is not jelled with the team. He is not running the team right now as a previous Super Bowl quarterback should. He also is not even 100% healthy. The man just came out from having surgery, and the Jaguars need to save him. He doesn’t need to get hurt. The Jaguars should wait and play him next season, especially if the Jags have a backup-turned-proven starter ready to play and can win some ball games as Minshew has done.

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