Player Profile: Freshman Morgan Bawroski, Varsity Track and Soccer

Freshman Morgan Bawroski runs track and players soccer for TCA.

Name: Megan Bawroski

School: Trinity Christian Academy

Sport: Track and Field, Soccer

Grade: 9th

Age: 14


  • Varsity in 7th grade for track, soccer, and cross country

  • Track and field middle school State Finals 2018

  • Track and field middle school State Finals 2019

  • Track and field high school Regional Finals 2018

  • Track and field High school Regional Finals 2019

  • Track and field High school State 2019,

  • Cross country Regional Finals 2019.

Parents: Edward Bawroski and Rachael Martinez-Bawroski

What is your main position, and what other positions do you play?

Main: Track: 4 x 400 m relay. Soccer: right defender.

Other: Track: 4 x 800 relay, 400 m, 800 m, 1 mile. Soccer: right wing

Describe your career at Trinity (JH, JV, Varsity), coaches, and team success during that time.

I started on the junior varsity team in 6th grade in all sports except soccer, where I was on the middle school team. In 7th grade, I became varsity in all of my sports and stayed on varsity through 8th grade. All my coaches have been great so far, and so have our teams.

Meagan finishes the 5K cross-country race in a fast time.

When did you start running track?

I started running track in 6th grade.

Why do you attend Trinity, and in what grade did you begin?

After being in Beaufort, South Carolina, where my mother was stationed for the Navy, I moved back to Jacksonville. My mother wanted me to go to a Christian or Catholic school. That's when she learned about Trinity and sent me here in third grade.

Where else have you run track?

I have run track only at Trinity.

What other sports do you play?

I run cross country and play soccer. I have swum, played basketball, and done gymnastics as well.

Describe your academic success and personal fulfillment at Trinity.

Throughout the years in the upper division at Trinity, I have maintained a 4.0 or higher GPA. I am in the National Junior Honor Society and was in student government. As for personal fulfillment, I have met amazing people, had great memories, and have become a better person than I was before.

Megan (front and center) leads the varsity girls soccer team onto the field.

Where do you plan to run college track and field?

Naval Academy or Florida International University is where I plan to run track if I choose to do that sport.

What college teams have shown interest in you?

I have had no sports offers so far, but I am only a freshman with three more years for that to happen. God’s timing is perfect!

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