Player Profile: Josh Luxenberg, Varsity Football

Senior center, long snapper Josh Luxenberg (Photo: Trinity Christian Academy Football on Facebook)

Name: Josh Luxenberg

School: Trinity Christian Academy

Sport: Varsity Football

Grade: Senior

Age: 17

Parents: Barry and Noy Luxenberg

What is your main position, and what other positions do you play?

Main: Center, Long snapper

Other: Offensive line

Accolades: I was chosen to be the long snapper while playing for the Trinity Middle School football team. I continued long snapping until I won the center position and have been the starting center and long snapper ever since then.

Describe your career at Trinity (JH, JV, Varsity), coaches, and team success during that time.

I started playing for the Trinity Christian Academy football team while in the 7th grade under Coach Martin Hersey. The Middle School team was very successful and led me right into the JV team in 9th grade under the leadership of Coach Verlon Dorminey. I was quickly moved to the varsity team, and we have seen nothing but winning seasons since then.

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in 7th grade.

Why do you attend Trinity, and in what grade did you begin?

I attend Trinity Christian Academy because both my parents knew this would be the best place for me and my brothers get an education.

Where else have you played football?

Trinity is the only place I have played football.

What other sports do you play?

I have played on the soccer team in the past, and I am currently throwing the shot put and discus for Trinity Christian Academy's track and field team.

Describe your academic success and personal fulfillment at Trinity.

I have enjoyed a great education and made many friends at Trinity Christian Academy.

Where do you plan to play college football?

I do not have college plans at this time.

What college teams have shown interest in you?

I have had a few colleges look at me for track and field.

Do you have any siblings who play sports?

My brother Joseph, also a senior, is on the track and field team as well. My brother Matt played baseball for Trinity; he graduated in 2019.

How much have your parents helped you in your football pursuit?

My parents are my biggest supporters for my football career.

Whom else would you like to thank for your success?

I would also like to thank the Lord for giving me the ability to play these sports.

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