Player Profile: Travis King, JV/Varsity Basketball

Sophomore Travis King Prepares for a new season.

Name: Travis King, Jr.

School: Trinity Christian Academy

Sport: Basketball

Accolades: Brought Trinity's AAU team its first trophy as a sophomore

Age: 15

Parents: Travis & Vakia King

What is your main position, and what other positions do you play?

Main: Shooting guard

Other: Point guard

Describe your career at Trinity and team success during that time.

My middle/high school basketball career has steadily improved. We’ve have had great success over these past seasons, and we will be getting better over the next few seasons.

Travis King, Jr.

When did you start playing basketball?

I’ve been playing since I was five.

Why do you attend Trinity, and in what grade did you begin?

I attend Trinity for academics, sports, and Spiritual matters. I want to grow closer to God.

Where else have you played basketball?

I’ve played for multiple AAU teams.

What other sports do you play?

I am strictly basketball.

Describe your academic success and personal fulfillment at Trinity.

My academic and personal fulfillment at Trinity has been a long path, but I would say it’s been a pretty nice path.

Where do you plan to play college basketball?

I hope to play college basketball at any university where I can continue my academic and athletic career.

What college teams have shown interest in you?

None yet, but there is still plenty of time.

Do you have any siblings who play sports?

I do not have any siblings who play sports.

How much have your parents helped you in your basketball pursuit?

My parents have helped me tremendously.

Whom else would you like to thank for your success?

I would like to thank all my coaches and teachers, my family, and God for my success so far.

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